The Journey to Self Love

The chemistry was palpable and it was overwhelming. To feel safe, I clearly stated my boundaries – nothing was going to happen between us. The response was there was no need to state boundaries, that he was a safe person, it would be cool if we just wanted to kiss, but he was safe. So I restated very clearly my need to set boundaries and again the need was rebuked, because according to him there was no need. He was a safe person. I said it again and he restated he was safe.

Nothing happened, he was respectful of my personal space. I was safe.

I doubted my inner voice. Why was I so adamant about setting boundaries? Was this fear speaking?

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Love Vs. Fear

It seemed so simple. Just go to her, put my arms around her. Tell her that I loved her, that I always loved her, even when she was angry. That I was there to listen to her. That we could work together. That it was OK to be angry. It was what I always did and how we worked through her anger. And I did just that because I loved her and this seemed like a response based on love. It all seemed so simple. But this time, the moment I held her and told her I loved her I realized the truth of my actions. The action was not based on love but on fear.